Child Custody in Illinois


In determining custody, the Court will always look to the best interests of the child or the children.  Some factors the Court may look at are: the wishes of the parents and the child, relationships between the child with the parents and other family members, health of the parties, and a child’s adjustment to his environment, among other factors.

One factor that is very important but is often dismissed, at least by the parents who might be in the midst of a contentious custody battle, Continue reading

August is Child Support Awareness Month

ImageIn support of August being Child Support Awareness Month in Illinois, the following is important information regarding child support in Illinois:

Child support is paid by the parent not having physical custody of the child or children.  The non-custodial parent is the parent who may have visitation with the child or children, and with whom the child or children does not primarily reside.  Depending on your circumstances, the amount of child support that you pay will vary. Continue reading